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Our production comes from a reasoned farming.

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Bordeaux rouge (AOC)
Wine grap : 80% MERLOT 20% CABERNET
Pretty garnet red dress quite supported. 
Smells red fruits jams, notes of sweet spices.
The mouth is round and supple.

Bordeaux supérieur (AOC)
Wine grap : 80% CABERNET 20% MERLOT
Very nice success for this exceptional vintage.
Beautiful carmine color, expressive bouquet with notes of red fruits.

Bordeaux supérieur (AOC) “Fût de chêne”
Wine grap : 80% CABERNET 20% MERLOT
Wine of character, aged for 9 months in oak barrels.
Subtle and woody aromas.
Numbered bottles.

Bordeaux supérieur (AOC) "Cuvée des z'amis"
Wine grap : 100% MERLOT 
Great success for this vintage harvested by hand and aged for one year in vats.
Aromas slightly woody.  Limited series.

Bordeaux blanc sec (AOC)
Wine grap : 100% SAUVIGNON
The ideal wine to accompany your seafood, to drink fresh.
Also appreciated as an aperitif with a dash of blackcurrant liquor.

Bordeaux blanc sec (AOC) "Fût de chêne"
Wine grap : 100% SAUVIGNON
On an idea of our son Dylan, a wine whose fermentation and aging
were made 12 months in new barrels, French oak.
Ideal as an aperitif or with cheese at a tasting temperature of 12°C.
Aromatic fruity and toasty. Bold in the mouth. Limited edition of 400 bottles.
Preservation : 5 ans.

Bordeaux rosé (AOC)
Wine grap : 100% MERLOT
It's the wine of summer !
Drink well fresh with all grills, meats or fish.

Bordeaux crémant (AOC)
Manual harvest. Elaboration: 15 months before marketing.
Fine bubbles. Gross. Ideal as an aperitif, with a chocolate or iced dessert.
Preservation: 4 years.

Grape juice
Wine grap : Sémillon. Preservation: 2 years*.
Grape juice from white grapes, without alcohol, natural without added sugar, nor preservative.

* Preservation protected from light, constant temperature (10 ° to 14 °),
minimum hygrometry 70%, ventilated cellar, no vibrations. 
Abstract from : Vin de France 

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